A Quick Overview of The Company

This blog post gives an overview of the company, founder, vision & mission of Apercio. Apercio is committed to helping business improve their business development, marketing, sales processes, and internal operational inefficiencies. We only work with businesses that are steadfast in growth and improvement. The post lists the most common services offered to clients.

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Apercio: Leading The New Age Of Consulting


Apercio was founded in 2021 with one goal: to help businesses improve their operations, sales, marketing, and practices to achieve their ultimate success goals.We take great pride in being a boutique agency. We aren’t your typical consulting firm with million-dollar office space, 100+ employees, or cookie-cutter services that we use on every client. You get to work with an intimate group of rockstars as we help you grow your brand. Building successful businesses is our passion!

Our mission 

To empower businesses and entrepreneurs to create and operate effective and profitable businesses through systems, culture, processes, and technology.

Vision Statement

To become a global consulting firm focused on helping businesses and entrepreneurs Build Better Business™ in operations, marketing, systems, and processes.

Our Founder

Apercio was founded in 2021 by our current Founder & CEO Deauntre Murphy. Deauntre Murphy has an extensive background in business and real estate. Deauntre founded a coffee shop while in High School. After graduating and attending Texas Christian University, Deauntre chose to start his real estate career while also expanding his knowledge of business development, marketing, operations. Deauntre realized early on from the numerous business venture he has participated in that his affinity for business development and helping businesses reach their ideal success through his years of knowledge and experience. For this reason, he realized that the inevitable step in his carrer was to start a business where he could effectively help businesses Build Better Business™ to achieve their ideal version of success. Deauntre values relationships and people; he believes in a people-first approach always.

A Quote From Our Founder:

"When You Put People and Customers First, The Money Will Come"

Our Values

Our Values are based on this one simple principle: if you put people first, the money will come. With this guiding principle we are able to be a client-first based business. Apercio offers client-focused standards of practice which our consultants use to provide the highest level of service:

  1. Results: Our #1 priority is to deliver results for our clients. We work closely with our clients to ensure we reach their goals.
  2. Trust & Honesty: Being honest with our clients allows us to build the confidence and trust which enables us to foster a relationship that benefits results.
  3. Growth: We believe to is our duty to assist our client to reach the full business potential and to grow to their next level.
  4. Data: We believe in data. Data is one of the most important metrics we use to analyze businesses and aid in decision making.
  5. Empathy: Understanding our clients is one of our top priorities. To understand the clients' business allows us to truly understand the goals of our clients.
  6. Friendly Support: We make it a point to be available to our clients and guide them through any situation or question that arises.

Consultation Services

We mainly offer two forms of service: consulting and implementation.We don't just believe in telling, but doing. Our clients deserve results, and we ensure we deliver just that. Consulting would mainly be auditing a businesses practices and offering solutions that would improve processes and efficiency to increase revenue and profit.

Typical Contract Details:

Initial Term: 3-6 months 

Contract Renewal Term*: 6 months- 1 year 

Business Development

  • Executive Management Consulting
  • Business Planning  
  • Business Identity Development
  • Systems Update and Refresh
  • Market Research and Awareness
  • Coaching and Mindset Reframing
  • Strategic Business Planning


  • Onboarding Improvement
  • Client Management and Experience
  • CRM systems Implementation and Refresh
  • Systems Audit
  • Efficiency Audit
  • Performance Audit
  • Employee Retention


  • Sales Funnel Development and Improvement
  • Sales Process Audit
  • Lead Generation Audit and Improvement
  • Sales Script Audit and Writing
  • Sales Coaching & Training
  • Sales Plan Development


  • Branding & Identity Workshop
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Content Plan
  • Online Branding Workshop
  • Insights & Analytics Systems Development and Audit
  • Marketing Plan Audit and Development

Service Products/ Implementations

  • Ads Management and Implementation
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Website Optimization
  • SEO Audit
  • Core Business Operations & Systems Implementation 
  • Social Media Accounts 
  • CRM


Apercio is a company committed to helping business achieve the success they deserve. Our process is simple contact us and we'll lead you the rest of the way. We are a partner to guide, advise, and implement systems, ideas, and processes to help your company connect with success. Contact us today.