Why Your Real Estate Business is Stagnant: You're only working IN the business

This post divides into the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate business owner. Real estate agents that treat their business as a business with systems, processes and technology are able to scale and out-perform those who only see it as helping people buy and sell houses.

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Most people who choose the arduous career of being a real estate agent go into the industry thinking they are going to make loads of money, and be living the life of luxury realtors often depicted in shows like "Selling Sunset" or "Million Dollar Listing." The reality is real estate agents are business owners. This means they have to often manage sales, marketing, transaction coordinating, time management, branding, lead generation, and so much more!

Why Agents Without Will Always be Beaten By Agents With?

In a real estate agent's life, there is no time to scale a business. You're always working. There's no vacation because you can't even take your holidays off. So what happens? You get burned out. You are not able to save any time or make more money because you don't have systems in place that will help you do these things automatically.

Real estate agents who implement the right systems and processes in their businesses almost never experience burnout nor do they ever run out of work or clients! They also get more done in less time so they can enjoy their lives besides just working all day every single day for months on end with no breaks at all!

So what can you do about it? The first step is to focus on creating systems and documented processes for your business. You need to be able to automate all of the tasks that aren't directly related to selling real estate or managing transactions so you'll have more time and energy for them! Once these systems are in place, then implement processes that will take care of everything else (like marketing).

Why Utilize Business Systems In Your Business?

In order to save time and make the most of your business, it's important to set up a system. Systems are the backbone of any successful real estate company. A system is a step-by-step process that can be put into place in order to streamline business processes, save time and money, reduce errors and increase productivity.

Example of a Business System: If you had an assistant who was responsible for organizing all documents related to your clients' properties (deeds, leases, etc.), then you'd be able to spend less time on these tasks yourself, freeing up more time for other things such as marketing or listing appointments with potential clients. In a digital age, having an organized file cabinet will also make it easy for new employees who join the team later on down the road so they don't need much training when they start working, but having digital systems simply workflows and cross-team sharing.

How To Get Started: The first step is identifying what types of systems would work best within each department within your office (i.e., sales vs accounting). Once those decisions have been made there are plenty of tools available online (like Zapier!) which allow entrepreneurs like ourselves to access them without needing expensive software licenses like Microsoft Office 365™ or Adobe Creative Cloud™ subscriptions—so long story short: no matter how small or large we grow there'll always be something out there designed specifically for our needs :)

Basic Systems Every Agent Should Have

These are the basic systems every agent should have.

CRM (Client Relationship Management): You need a system that tracks your communication history with your clients and prospects, including their contact info, preferences, and recent activities.

  • A good CRM will help you track your leads and follow-up, showings and appointments, closings, and referrals. You can also use a CRM like KvCore or Hubspot to manage your sales process more efficiently by tracking what happens with each lead from the first contact all the way through to closing on a deal.

Marketing System: A marketing system helps you stay organized with all of your prospecting information, email templates, blog posts, and social media content for sharing with new prospects. It also allows you to track which campaigns produce leads so that you can replicate them again in the future.

Project Management: A good project management system like Asana can tremendously reduce stress by allowing you to easily document the unique processes that you have in your business. The bonus of keeping all this in a system like Asana is when you are at the point of growing a team there will be no confusion on your processes and onboarding will become 100 times easier.


The difference between being a Realtor and running a real estate business is that you can be a Realtor without necessarily running a business. However, if you want to run your own real estate company, then it’s important that you understand the process and systems necessary to create a successful real estate business. Real estate businesses are complex and require full-time attention, but they can provide great opportunities for those who work hard enough at them, but not for those who can't scale.